I've been exploring and amplifying messages that matter for as long as I can remember. I think of myself as a midwife for important but often overlooked ideas.

Mentor. Catalyst. Strategist. That's how clients say they see me. Transformative. Powerful. Trajectory-changing. I'm so proud that's how they see my work. 

I'm Liria (pronounced Luh-ree-uh) Mersini and I've been working with women in transformational contexts for over 30 years. I’ve been honored to facilitate, guide, coach, counsel, teach, lead and mentor women throughout my career. This is not work that has a defined career path but it does require experience... and wisdom… and a willingness to go wherever the road leads.  

While I've worked toward the empowerment of women in the media and in many hands-on ways since 1986, I began my first formal coaching practice in 1997, shortly after hearing the term "life coach" for the first time. I thought, "Yes, but for businesses that make a difference." And clients began to find me.  

My first client was referred because she wanted to start a clothing line and I had just sold the award-winning luxury plus-size clothing line I started a few years before. During our work together, that client launched a successful eco-couture line that ultimately made it to the tents for New York fashion week.  

Over time it has become clear that I work at the intersection of soul and message. Almost always that means I work with women in terms of career and business, calling and purpose.

I work in three realms; vision, voice and impact. It's powerful work designed to do one thing: magnify the messages that you're here to bring forward.

This work has allowed me to weave a rich tapestry of experiences with a diverse group of souls with just one thing in common: I work with seekers. And I work in the depths. My clients know they are here for a reason. They may not be crystal clear about their message or how to get it into the world, but they have something to say. They find me when they're ready.

These days I'm grateful to be socially distancing at home, connecting with clients via zoom.

Liria at work


I've brought my own messages of empowerment to diverse media outlets over the years. It was exciting to be asked to be a commentator on NBC's Today Show.

Liria Mersini Today Show
Liria Mersini on The Today Show

...and honestly a little unnerving being a guest on Your World with Neil Cavuto on FOX. Empowered conversations aren't always comfortable, but they are always worthwhile.

Liria Mersini on Neil Cavuto Fox News

For years my writing and teaching was centered on empowering women to know that each of our lives is worth fighting for. Here's an excellent article I wrote for BBW Magazine many years ago (It was a really bad hair day but the message is so important, this one is worth sharing). Click on the thumbnail below to read the full article. I've got a little more to share and some questions you'll want to ask yourself at the end.