Meet Christina Dunbar


"The moment I met Liria I was struck by her ability to see me. Like really see me. I had never met anyone who could tune into a human the way she does- get the layers, facets, and purpose within- AND who understands how to bring that out to create impact.  

"As soon as we started the coaching process, Liria was showing me how to take what I carry inside- what I have to offer- and expand it further than I ever have before. I thought our calls would focus on The What and The How- how to get this work that I do- that feels so hard for me to explain- into a form that reaches people globally. Our time together has been about so much more than that.  

"Liria is a rare combination of The Wise Woman that can see your soul, the PR and Marketing Genius that gets how to position you and grow your reach, and the Facilitator that has taught and worked with over 25,000 women herself and is a powerhouse that knows how to lead and guide you towards your own North Star. She’s helped build massive movements for messages that truly change lives.  

“In a culture that tries to mold you into something “sellable,” Liria is about uncovering the voice that resonates- the voice that is aligned with the depth and gifts inside. In her words, that is what becomes “the siren call” to your people. She gets The Why of the work and everything spills forth from there.  

“She helps tease out pieces of myself that I might not see or get the value of. She is taking me by the hand and showing me step by step how to grow. She is the bridge between where I am now and where I want to go with my body of work.  

“She’s giving me big doses of her potent medicine - clarity, strategy, and perhaps most important - the reflection of who I actually am. And that is the most precious gift. It is changing how I move in the world.  

“I am so grateful that the stars aligned and that I get to work with the force that is Liria.”  

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